Saturday, April 22,2017

Common Methods used to Control Pests

Pests are organisms and plants that interfere with human health, the environment people live in and consequently the economy. Pests can take the form of germs, insects, animals and even plants and together they make life difficult for human beings by destroying crops or property. For this reason, it requires some serious knowledge about pests and the methods that can be used to control them. A person who specializes in eliminating pests is called a pest exterminator. Pest control services has been traditionally used in agriculture to maximize food production by eliminating herbivores and competing plant species. Some of the methods that have been used for pest extermination in the field of agriculture include companion planting and crop rotation.

Tuesday, February 21,2017

Why You should Seek Waste Management Services in Canada

Canada has always generated more waste compared to other countries of its class since early 90’s. Some of the leading causes of high waste generation include a high rate of urbanization, high-end lifestyle, as well as changing types and patterns of food consumption. The high level of waste generation has led to an increase in the companies offering the waste management services in the country. Waste management and waste disposal services include all the activities that happen during inception to the last stage of destruction. The increasing number of businesses, institutions, and household that produce waste every day also calls for the increase in the number of waste management services providers.

Thursday, February 25,2016

Dog Clicker Training

Training Dogs: Why Is The Clicker Training Method Is So Effective?

While dogs have always been man’s best friend, it does require training to ensure that your dog maintains that status. The importance of dog training cannot be overstated. There are certain social and dog etiquette rules that should be followed, which only dog training can provide. Your dog will learn the basic commands that he needs to master. Without them, the dog’s master could face disaster.

The Trick is to Click

One of the more successful methods of dog training is the Clicker Dog Training method. This method uses proven behavioral science to communicate effectively and interact easily with your dog.

With the continuing research done by the pet staff experts, they have achieved a higher level of understanding how animals learn and think. The Clicker method is a gentle, effective application of our new knowledge in everyday real life situations. It’s a reward based method that utilizes interactive human and dog cooperation with consistent, repetitious training and positive reinforcement. It combines the best of animal psychology with humane treatment. The process is not only an educational one for you and your pet, it’s also a lot of fun.

Thursday, October 01,2015

Group of dogs

How To Find A Good Dog Breeder

When you decide to buy a new puppy, you must ask yourself whether you are ready to give love and attention to the new addition for the next 10 to 20 years. Caring for a new puppy requires dedication and an understanding of the responsibilities that go along with it. Dogs are loyal pets and easily become part of the family. Be sure you know how to feed and care for the breed of dog you choose.

How To Choose A Good Dog Breeder

Did you know that you can find a purebred dog at your local animal shelter? Many people aren’t aware of this fact and expect only mixed breeds. Start at your local animal shelter to discover if the breed you have chosen is as close as your local shelter. Most animal services have online photos and information about pet adoptions. You can easily keep track of pets as they are added into the online system.

To choose a breeder in your area, consider a few guidelines. Most quality dog breeders will not sell their dogs to just anyone. A reputable breeder will have firm guidelines established for selling their dogs. If you come across a breeder that appears to sell to just anyone, then beware of that breeder. You must be on alert for breeders that may have dogs with health problems or diseases that may not be detected right away.

Tuesday, August 25,2015

Pest control

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

When pests invade your home or place of business, it can be a particularly disturbing experience. No one likes the idea of vermin running around behind the scenes, and many people in this situation seek out the assistance of a pest control Markham expert. While you may be able to get rid of your pests with this strategy, some people don’t like the idea of using pesticides and other chemicals to do the job. If you are concerned with the impact of these chemicals on the environment or you just don’t like the idea of chemicals being around, there are some more environmentally friendly strategies that you could use to keep pests out. Here are some environmentally friendly pest control methods to consider.

Wednesday, August 12,2015

chicken coop

How to build a chicken coop for your backyard

Before you get your chickens, they will need a place to live. The backyard chicken coop has the same sort of requirements as your chick coop. It needs to keep them safe from predators, warm, dry and draft-free while also providing them with enough room to move around. They will stay in during wet weather. If you’re looking to buy a chicken coop or other pet supplies, visit Peel Hardware & Supply.

Tuesday, July 28,2015

Garden shed kennel

Turning your garden shed in to a dog kennel

Garden sheds are perfect for converting into a dog kennel, especially for large dogs. Ever paid attention to a standard dog house? Most of are significantly smaller than a shed. In fact, they offer just enough room for a dog to stand up comfortably. While a shed is larger, it can be converted into a cozy home for Bruno.

Thursday, June 25,2015

The cost of killing and the profits in killing

What will people pay to kill an animal? It’s $8000 to kill a mountain sheep in the U.S., $1030 to kill a grizzly bear in British Columbia, $7250 for a lioness in Africa. Selling licences, governments are make a killing out of wildlife deaths. There’s big business too for breeders of lab animals. 233 species, from mice […]

Thursday, June 25,2015

Smartphones will outlive a million species?

Why can cellphones take over Africa, but birth control pills can’t? The main threat to all the appealing life forms is the overabundance of humanity and all its works. What if the telecommunications companies devoted just a fraction of their profits to family planning education and the spread of contraceptives? Or do they just see more customers […]

Thursday, June 25,2015

When “pig-related” books really are upsetting

Tristin Hopper in the National Post provides comic alternatives to books with plots involving pigs (e.g. Babe, Animal Farm, The Three Little Pigs, Charlotte’s Web), in response to the news that England’s Oxford University Press is asking authors to “avoid anything pig-related” so as not to upset Jewish and Muslim readers. People are framing this […]