Thursday, June 25,2015

Getting old, but still good

Getting old, but still good (the problems analyzed haven’t gone away):
The End of the River: Dams, Drought and Deja Vu on the Rio Sao Francisco, by Brian Harvey (ECW Press, 2008)

— about the rotten deal for fish, i.e. that we “seed oceans with engineered fingerlings” while destroying rivers for industry and industrial agricultural. Harvey visits the Sao Francisco watershed in Brazil and compares it to the Fraser system of British Columbia, Canada, where the commercial fish boats bank along the entrances and river mouths as salmon return. What chance have the fish? Or the orcas who depend on the Chinook salmon for their diet?

A study this year (2014) has shown that the Chinook are in more┬átrouble — things only worse since Harvey brought out End of the River.

Solution? Nobody eat fish!

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