Thursday, June 25,2015

The cost of killing and the profits in killing

What will people pay to kill an animal? It’s $8000 to kill a mountain sheep in the U.S., $1030 to kill a grizzly bear in British Columbia, $7250 for a lioness in Africa. Selling licences, governments are make a killing out of wildlife deaths.

There’s big business too for breeders of lab animals. 233 species, from mice to lemurs to dogs to ferrets to primates are used in various kinds of research. Over 100 million animals are killed every year, according to PETA (while more are kept in cruel comfortless lonely cages year after year).

Everyone who cares must find out who gains how much from what in their country, their region — and stand up and object. Chipping away at the stony monolith of greed takes a long long time, but what else can we do?

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