Thursday, June 25,2015

When “pig-related” books really are upsetting

Tristin Hopper in the National Post provides comic alternatives to books with plots involving pigs (e.g. Babe, Animal Farm, The Three Little Pigs, Charlotte’s Web), in response to the news that England’s Oxford University Press is asking authors to “avoid anything pig-related” so as not to upset Jewish and Muslim readers.

People are framing this as a free speech issue, but it’s more than that: how is it that we aren’t repulsed and upset by “pig-related” cookbooks, and tomes on pig-raising for the slaughterhouse. Let’s hope there are some kid-lit writers are willing to write books about — dare one say it without upsetting someone — being vegetarian, or being humane in our dealings with other species.

Isn’t there something gross about handbooks teaching kids to raise, care for and feed farmyard pigs (4H style) — and then kill them?

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